Patrick Melton


Key Largo, Florida

Patrick Melton is an experienced teacher and soccer coach who recently began his new role at Key Largo School in Florida in 2021. He is committed to providing both the best academic and athletic experience possible for his students. In the classroom, he encourages collaboration and creative thinking, while on the field, he works to develop both teamwork and individual playing skills.

He is an expert when it comes to using technology in his classroom and on the soccer field. Utilizing a mix of traditional teaching techniques with the latest educational tools, Patrick strives to create a learning atmosphere that is fun and engaging for students. He also encourages his students to use technology as a tool for collaboration, research, and creative expression.

Patrick Melton Key Largo , Florida website photo

Patrick comes to Key Largo School with a world of experience in soccer coaching. As a former collegiate athlete, he is equally committed to helping students reach their potential on the field and in the classroom. His strategy involves teaching fundamental concepts and repetition while emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship. Through his passion for coaching, Patrick will help boost team morale and continue to inspire and motivate young athletes at Key Largo School.

Patrick believes in empowering students by providing the resources and encouragement they need to reach their potential. He is committed to helping students grow, develop, and excel, both on the field and in the classroom. When teaching and coaching, Patrick strives to create an environment that fosters collaboration and enthusiasm while strongly emphasizing respecting each other’s differences. He also emphasizes practice fundamentals such as communication between teammates, staying focused through drills and exercises, and exhibiting inclusivity regardless of background or ability level – skills applicable beyond soccer.

Patrick actively cultivates a reputation for community engagement within Key Largo by volunteering his time. He spearheads the annual school Spelling Bee and coaches the Florida Keys Soccer Club’s Islanders team. His dedication to education was recognized in 2022 with the Monroe County School District GEMS award. Beyond the classroom, where he thrives as a 4th-grade teacher and the middle school boys’ soccer coach, Patrick’s contributions were acknowledged through his “New Teacher of the Year” title in his first year at Key Largo School.